Home and Boat Italy

Courses of Italian language

Why study Italian?
Because Italian is the language of art, culture and the bel canto.

The language of great artists, painters, poets, writers and philosophers.

Home and Boat Italy collaborates with a certificated teacher for teaching Italian to foreigners. With personalized lessons ,it depending on your level and your needs, the teacher will reveal the secrets of the language of Dante to make so your holiday a full immersion in the language of art.

Home and Boat proposes four different solutions to learn the Italian language in a simple and funny way:

-Pratical Course of Italian language (minimum 1 person – maximum 6 people): order at the bar / restaurant, ask for any informations and directions, visit a museum, train travel etc.
minimum duration: 3 hours

-Italian language course for foreigners “the Italian Coffee” (minimum 1 person – maximum 6 people): presentation of the types of Italian coffee (caffè latte, caffè espresso, strong coffee, cappuccino, etc.), order a coffee at the bar , make a coffee with the italian mocha-machine (vocabulary and practical demonstration), short anecdotes about the coffee ritual in Italy.
minimum duration: 3 hours

-Thematic course (depending on the specific interests of customers) about italian art, philosophy, cinema and literature with a focus on the city of Rome.
minimum duration: 3 hours

-Courses of Italian language for all levels and needs (levels A, B, C, for college students, teenagers, children, seniors, etc.)

The lessons will take place to your apartment and it will make your holiday unforgettable.