Home and Boat Italy

Holiday Home is the best!

1) Campania offers a high density of tourist destinations increasingly requested by both Italian and foreign travellers not only the classic icons of the Belpaese (Naples and the Coast in the foreground), but many other locations have become very popular in recent years.

This region is full of places to live a dream holiday and those who own a property in this region can certainly take advantage of it by renting it on various platforms or entrusting it to professionals of short rent. The growth of tourist flows and the new ways of living the stay experience represent an extraordinary opportunity for the real estate owners who can thus put second homes into income and open them to both national and international tourism.


2) More and more landlords and real estate professionals are able to offer the best experience of staying to travellers by making available their houses, villas and apartments in tourist places. The earning prospect for owners is further increased by the strong increase in foreign demand in particular for some well-known coastal areas where even the average price per night of vacation rental homes on the site shows a growth trend in 2018 compared to the previous year.

Renting your second home also means reviving it; the proceeds obtained, in fact, can be used to face the costs of property management, for any restructuring work and sometimes to pay the costs of a loan to carry on an investment on their future and that of their children.