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Visite guidée de Rome

For your guided tours of Rome, I choose Alessandra an expert and very enthusiastic guide, Rome native.

Here’s the Alessandra suggestions.

I‘m art historian in Rome. I work for several private palaces in Rome studying their collections and I also organize private tours .

If it is your first visite to Rome I would suggest you three itineraries as follows :

Classical Rome
(San Clemente, Roman Forum Colosseum Palatin hill and San Clement) around 3 hours
13 euro entrance tkts ( with preselling to avoid to queue)

Vatican Museum
with Sistine Chapel and St Peter Basilica around 3 hours
19 euros entrance tkts ( with preselling to avoid to queue)

Baroque tour:
Piazza Navona (Bernini); San Luigi dei francesi (Caravaggio) Pantheon; Spanish Steps; Piazza del Popolo; San Ignazio etc… 3 hours
no tkts required

Then another tour of great interest is the visit of two private collections in aristocratic palaces : Palazzo Colonna and Palazzo Doria Pamphilii. Two examples of a great roman families that entrasted artists such as Velasquez and Tiziano; Caravaggio and Bernini to enlarge their collections. Masterpieces of art works and an atmosphere of a Baroque Palazzo. 15 euros for the two entrances

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