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Tours privés de Rome

Home and Boat Italy provide you private tours of Rome according to your needs.

  • Vatican Museums + Sistin Chapel + S. Peter’s Basilica
    – 3 hours visit
    – 5 hours deep visit + lunch break (including painting gallery and Carriage Pavilion)
  • Ancient Rome: Colosseum + Forum
    – 3 hours visit
    – 5 hours deep visit + launch break (including Palatine hill)
  • Galleria Borghese
    Discover the evolution of italian art from middle ages to Baroque, and see how our art (cinema, pictures, videogames) is an evolution of italian reinassance.
    – 2,5 hours visit
  • Baroque Rome
    The purpose of the baroque was to transform the city into an open-air theater, and Rome is the perfect example. Bernini and Borromini, as directors, have transformed the infrastructure of the ancient city into the most beautiful theater in the world. Prepare to be the superstar in the stages of Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona or Campo de Fiori: a show out of the time is going to start.
    – 3 hours visit
  • Uderground Rome :
    Rome is not only an open-air theater, but every underground layer is the guardian of an era. With this tour, we’ll have the chance to take a walk on the streets of 20 centuries ago, to visit the roman typical houses, a Mithraeum, a church of 4th and one of the 12th century, and the catacombs: an underground gallery world excavated by the Chrsitians when being Christian was illegal.
    – 3,5 hours visit (private cab needed)
  • S. Angel Castle
    2000 years ago, Adrian built is tomb as a fortified hill. Being not far from S. Peters,the popes built a castle around the tomb and used it for centuries as a fortress whenever they were in trouble. The central nucleus was built (by Adrian) in the II century ad, the rest of the castle with refined decorations implemented during the rainassance, and the last changes to the time of the unit of Italy .
    – 2,5 hours visit
  • Tivoli: Villa Adriana + Villa d’Este
    Adrian was an emperor-soldier who hated war. He has traveled all his life, and when he returned to Rome he built his private villa in Tivoli, where he rebuilt all the most beautiful places he has visited in his life. Villa Adriana was decorated with a little greece, a bit of egypt, and so on…
    Villa d’Este was built in XVI century by Ippolito d’Este, son of Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso d’Este: there are more than 100 fountains built by the best architets of 2 centuries. The apartments were painted by a team of the best italian manierist painter. Villa d’Este has become the guideline for all the splendid French villas of the following centuries
    7 hours visit (both villas)
    3 hours visit (1 villa) (private cab needed)
  • Roma, popular food, street food and wine
  • Taste the best traditional and authentic food of Rome. Skip the wine-icre creams and pizzas, made for tourists and go to eat where the locals go.
    NOTE: traditional roman food is not very healty. It’s better if you don’t tell your doctor about this tour!
    3 hours visit
  • In the footstep of Caravaggio
    Palazzo Barberini, S. Maria del Popolo, S. Luigi dei Francesi, S. Agostino
    Caravaggio was a painter that worked as if he was a movie maker. His art is very familiar to our generations because because with his techniques he anticipated photography. Enjoy the most beautiful painting of this damn artist, that live and painted with light and darkess, that spent his life in taberns and making troubles.
    3 hours visit
  • Ostia Antica
    The ruins of ancient Ostia are much better preserved than those of the Roman Forum, and offer us the opportunity to discover the daily life of an important Roman port city. It’s possible to reach Ostia by train (25 minutes, 1,5€ from Piramide Station, trains every 15/20 minutes). With 2 more stops of the same train you can arrive to the beach of Rome;do not expect the caribbean and the coral reef but it is our beach, and the most authentic thing to do when the weather is nice is an ice cream, a beer or a pasta dish facing the sea.
    – 3 hours visit
    – 5 hours deep visit + lunch break
  • Ancient and modern stadiums
    Did you know that Piazza Navona was a stadium for athletic games, freqented by people a bit snobbish. Did you know that the Circus Maximus capacity reached 350,000 spectators, and many of them were hooligans? Did you know that the Romans turned sport into a mass entertainment show, as it’s now? Did you know that the style of the modern stadiums area of Rome is inspired by the roman forum and the roman world? This tour includes a visit to the Circus Maximus, to Piazza Navona and to the Foro Italico, the modern sport area of the city built during the fascism.
    – 3 hours visit (private cab needed)
  • Gelato Making and tasting Tour – Cooking class
    The best way to offend an Italian? tell him that what you just ate, was not the best food you’ve ever had. Food is the most exquisite way to get to know Italy, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to prepare an excellent and genuine ice cream. You and your children, you will have the opportunity to enter the laboratory of a real ice cream shop, and prepare, with the help of the chefs, your favorite ice creams. Obviously then there will be the moment of the tasting. When you come back home you will be able to prepare ice cream and dream about your Italian journey with thought every time you taste it.
    The cooking classes can be carried out for: pizza, fresh pasta, tiramisu, ice cream and biscuits. The price depends on the availability of the classroomsor ice-cream shops.
  • We also provide food and wine tours