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Practicing Safe Hospitality

Practicing Safe Hospitality By Homeandboatitaly.com

HomeandBoatItaly has always paid special attention to our guests and today, after COVID-19, we have organized additional safety measures. These safety measures are intended to ensure greater peace of mind for our guests and the ability to host them in complete health and safety, considering the absence of proximity to other guests, which we can guarantee with respect to our apartments:

  1. For the sanitization of the apartment we are using 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, 70% ethanol and hydrogen peroxide, in addition to traditional sanitizing products.
  2. We are cleaning and weekly sanitizing the air conditioning filters.
  3. We provide our customers with a complimentary protection kit for each guest (mask, gloves, and shoe covers)
  4. We supply our apartments with hand sanitizer
  5. We wash our laundry at 90 degrees.
  6. We encourage our customers to use the shoe covers or to not wear shoes inside the apartment and to keep their personal toiletries in their beauty case.
  7. We have equipped our reception and housekeeping staff with a mask, gloves, and shoe covers to be able to check our guests in and out safely.
  8. We periodically check the temperature of the staff.