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Home and Boat Italy has designed for you a special tour, fun and secret, in the heart of the beautiful Appian Way natural landscape of Rome, outside the traditional routes. The attention to details and the anecdotes of our tour leader will make the tour an unique and original experience.

Do you want some anticipations?

The Appian Way was one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic. It connected Rome to Brindisi, Apulia, in southeast Italy. Its importance is indicated by its common name, recorded by Statius: Appia teritur regina longarum viarum “the Appian way is the queen of the long roads”.

The road is named after Appius Claudius Caecus, the Roman censor who began and completed the first section as a military road to the south in 312 BC during the Samnite Wars.
Today the Appian Way is a beautiful Natural Park ,with many monuments and treasures, oasis of quiet and relaxation, ideal for a walk.

Our tour will start from the Caffarella Valley, a wonderful and wild area that leads to the Appian Way. The valley, which was very dear to Goethe during his trip to Italy, played an important role both in the history and in the myths and legend of Rome: along the river Almone, an affluent of the Tiber, important rites connected with the mysteries of the Mother Goddess Cybeles were held at the Ides of March.

We willll visit the park,we will admire the fantastic Nymphaeum of Egeria and we’ll climb above an ancient tower-tank. We will walk along the beautiful Appian Way and we will taste the goodness of Italian street food.

ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE we will do in a fun and original way,outside the main tourist circuits,to give you an unique and eternal experience, as our City.

The tour we have imagined has a duration of 3 hours and a cost of 70 €, ask us for more details, we will be happy to assist you and to show you the beautiful things of the most beaufiful city in the world.