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IL SENTIERO DEGLI DEI – The Path Of the Gods.

The Path Of the Gods

In a place of rare beauty, the Amalfi Coast, – https://www.costieraamalfitana.com – the Sentiero degli Dei from Agerola arrive in Positano and offers the walker, new vistas, breath-taking. The Path Of the Gods connects Agerola, a small village on the hills of the Amalfi Coast, to Nocelle, fraction of Positano ( https://.positano.com/it/e/sentieri-e-trekking ), perched on the slopes of Mount Pertuso.

Its name is enough to let us imagine the spectacular nature of the trail: go in the direction that goes from Agerola to Nocelle so to walk, gently downhill, and get in front of the panorama of the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

This fabulous nature trail is 8 km long and is frequented by many tourists, and most foreigners, even amateurs and non-professionals as the Path Of the Gods presents no particular technical difficulties; the gradients are irrelevant, and plays virtually everything in the false floor.

The stretch is perhaps the most challenging is the one from Nocelle goes to Positano: 1700 steps, fortunately in the drop-down, divide these two places (alternatively, you can take a shuttle).

The trail is very wide and despite the fact that, in some places it faces without the protection of the ravines, there is enough space to walk in peace. The path Of the Gods is entirely along the ridge top of the mountain, passing from an altitude of 650m of Bomerano to 440m of Nocelle.

Although it is possible to go in both directions, we strongly recommend that you go in the direction of Positano, and this for two reasons. First of all, the position of the sun in the morning, there is always behind the mountain, you will walk with the shadow, a fact which is not irrelevant given that the trail is almost entirely in the open.

If you are a photography enthusiasts, you will find a perfect light for your photos. The main reason remains, however, the panorama: walking with a mountain on the right and the sea on the left you’ll find a landscape with a new and more beautiful with each svoltar of the ridge.

Before the sea, with its small bays, and the ridges steep, and the bare rock of the mountain, then the gulf of Salerno behind us, and finally, in front of us, the whole of the sorrentine peninsula, Punta Campanella, the island of Li Galli in the middle of the sea, and there, at the bottom, of the profile, Capri and its Faraglioni.

A breathtaking spectacle, almost divine. Around the nature is lush, and you are completely immersed in the mediterranean scrub.

In many of the traits exhibited, it is surrounded by strawberry trees, heather, myrtle, wild fennel; however, when you enter the woods, it is like being in another place, the aromas are those typical of the undergrowth and among the trees are the chestnut and the maple.

The ridges of the mountains are full of terracing and cultivation, often close to old stone houses, now uninhabited and in ruins, to bear witness to a past not far away tied to the land and its fruits, and now the reality of a few people.


Our recommendation Agerola is famous for its fior di latte, a particular type of fresh mozzarella. Before you take the path stop in at a deli in the country to buy focaccia and mozzarella fior di latte: you’ll want to stop along the way for a small pic-nic worthy of the gods!

https://mozzarella.it    http://www.fiordagerola.eu/it/fiordilatte-classico.html

To reach Agerola there are the Sita bus that leaves from Amalfi, ask the driver to point you in the stop in Bomerano. From there, follow the road signs that will lead you to the entrance of the path.

If you start from Positano bus to Amalfi, bus Amalfi-Agerola (2 hours).

If you leave from Sorrento bus to Amalfi via Positano bus to Amalfi-Agerola (3 hours).

From Positano there are buses and a ferry to return to Sorrento and Amalfi.